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Let’s go all natural, are you ready?

Embracing the all-natural vibes of island life in St. Barth, I find endless inspiration in its raw, yet simple and elegant beauty. My passion lies in crafting tablescape designs that harmoniously blend neutral subtlety with vibrant pops of color, drawing from the captivating allure of the local landscape and the sea. My designs often feature unique and unusual products infused with natural elements. I firmly believe that working with neutral colors in your design opens the door to creating something truly distinctive and extraordinary.

You are probably aware that neutral colors have been a timeless trend in design, and today, I’m excited to share the benefits of going neutral. Plus, I’ve compiled a list of our neutral tabletop pieces available for rent and purchase, perfect for your next neutral tabletop masterpiece.

So, why opt for neutral tabletop decor?

1. Experimentation: Neutrals allow you to play with other colors in your decor and design effortlessly.

2. Tranquility: They create a serene atmosphere, fostering a sense of calm and peace.

3. Creativity: A blank canvas of neutrals is where your creativity flourishes, giving you endless possibilities.

4. Flexibility: Neutrals assist you in the design process, offering flexibility to adapt and refine.


Personally, I adore neutral designs, a trend that’s eternally stylish. Over the past year, I’ve consistently incorporated all-natural colors to infuse my designs with that raw, authentic, simple, and natural essence.

Take, for instance, our brown raffia fringe chargers, crafted from the leaves of the raffia palm tree. They exude natural charm.

Then there are our shell rattan chargers, with shells woven into them, and a whitewash finish reminiscent of driftwood. Rattan, a plant native to tropical regions, adds an authentic touch.

And let’s not forget bamboo. Our pieces include bamboo flatware and timeless bamboo dinnerware. With its strength, flexibility, and adaptability, it’s a natural wonder. Incorporating bamboo into your tablescape not only enhances its beauty but also symbolizes enduring strength.

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A full list of our neutral tabletop collection to rent is below and also available for you to save on our Pinterest page.

I believe in the power of options and there's an option for everyone if renting is not for you. You can buy Estelle Colored Glassware or ready-made looks I've designed already, or if you head to my Pinterest you will find Amazon products to purchase from my designs.

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Now, I hope you see that neutral colors are incredibly versatile on the color wheel, seamlessly complementing any design. Regardless of your style, you have a plethora of neutrals to choose from, making them a go-to choice.

Now that you understand the advantages of neutral tabletop pieces, it’s time to let those natural colors shine, offering you limitless creative possibilities.

Cheers to your creativity!

With love of an artfully designed table and a rocking party,


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