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and hello all you tabletop lovers... I am so happy you are here right now with me.

My name is Meagan, and I’m the founder of ART2TABLE ST. BARTH. I spent more than a decade planning and executing prestigious events in New York City. I bring my expertise in the luxury wedding and events industry along with my inherent love of entertaining in an effort to inspire more people to experience the joy of gathering around an artfully designed table.


Collecting and exploring elegant tabletop pieces from around the globe has always been my passion. Whenever I find unique pieces to complement and complete my tabletop puzzle, I get giddy with excitement. I have a keen interest in exploring everything connected to tableware from crystal to colored glassware, patterned plates, distinctive flatware and all the exquisite decor that brings a table to life when we gather and celebrate milestones with family and friends.

In NYC, I was used to having endless options for rentals especially tabletop. When I first arrived in St. Barth I noticed there was no event rental company on the island specializing in tabletop or in the Caribbean for that matter. Being that resources are limited on islands, planners and clients resort to shipping everything in and out for their wedding or event. This adds a lot of work and time to their plate plus costs. I made it my mission to change this and take the stress out of hosting destination weddings and events in the Caribbean. AND NOW - sophisticated tabletop is only a click away!

I started the company to serve planners, florists, designers, and hotels in the Caribbean. This is so that we can all have access to unique and stylish decor at our tables. I have incorporated brands from the south where I am originally from to bring a piece of that "Southern Charm" to the Caribbean but also from places around the world to offer a versatile amount of options and possibilities for clients to mix and match to create their own tabletop masterpiece.


Creating the perfect tablescape is like solving a beautiful puzzle. I'm here to provide YOU with tabletop solutions, inspire your designs, and assist you in selecting exquisite pieces that will enhance your one of a kind design for your client. Your vision is my top priority, and I'm dedicated to ensuring you have the ideal components to complete your tabletop masterpiece promptly. If you are ever searching for that missing tableware piece for your tabletop puzzle, then I'm your go-to gal.

When you subscribe to my TableTalk, you become part of my community, the first in the know about updates, latest products, trends, insider tips, creativity secrets, and everything related to the art of hospitality. I have been in the luxury wedding and event industry for over a decade and I am here to provide you with everything I have learned, of course still learning along with inspiring you with clues on how to tap into your creativity so that everyday you are filled with inspiration and curiosity. If you are ready to hydrate your creativity, make one of a kind masterpieces together and take a deep dive into the world of entertaining then let's do this together. Sign up for my weekly table talk series and you will be hearing from me very soon.

With love of an artfully designed table and a rocking party,



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