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I firmly believe that no matter the occasion—be it holidays, a casual girls’ brunch, or simply wanting to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday routine—sipping from stylish and colorful glassware is an absolute game-changer. Who doesn’t enjoy holding a beautifully crafted glass that not only feels delightful but also complements the aesthetics of your setting?

As a host, presenting your guests with unique, fashionable and elegant glassware options is a surefire way to earn compliments and create a memorable atmosphere. The trend of colored and stylish glassware has been evolving and expanding for quite some time now, and its staying power is undeniable. I’m continually amazed by the artistic and design-forward stems and bases that glassware manufacturers are producing these days. While many associate colored glassware with spring or summer, I firmly believe that these eye-catching pieces can grace your table and home year-round. And you certainly do not need a special occasion to whip out the fun or fancy glassware - enjoy your colored or sophisticated glassware even if you have a night at home on the couch. If you didn’t have the best day sometimes the simplicity of drinking from a pretty glass just adds a little joy to your life.

TIP: Creative and stylish glassware can serve as a fantastic conversation starter at any gathering. Your guests will feel truly special when they clasp a glass that’s anything but ordinary. And the best part? It’s a trend that’s accessible to everyone. Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready to splurge, you’ll find a wealth of options to choose from out there in the wonderful world of google.

Personally, I love to mix and match colors when I am designing my tabletop masterpieces or just hosting gatherings with a few friends. It adds more life and fun to the table and your guests will never say no to sitting down at a pretty table with colorful glassware or holding an elegant glass at your gathering. Whether you’re hosting a grand dinner party, planning a wedding, or simply seeking to add a touch of elegance to a cozy night in, colored and stylish glassware is your ticket to instant glamour. Even incorporating just one colored glass into your collection can breathe new life into your table setting or kitchen collection. You don’t have to commit fully; you can still pair them with your clear glasses for a stylish contrast.

With endless options to explore, I’ve curated some of my favorites from top brands in this post, some you have seen already in my designs and for more inspiration head to my Pinterest to make your creativity sparkle more.

Now it's time to go sip on something pretty,



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