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Your guide to picking the perfect colors for your wedding and inspiration tips are here! Selecting the perfect wedding colors is more than just a choice of aesthetics; it's a roadmap for crafting your dream day. Your chosen palette sets the tone, reflects your style, and guides decisions on everything from attire to decor. In this comprehensive guide, I walk you through the art of choosing wedding colors, offering inspiration and practical tips to make this significant decision a breeze. So, whether you're drawn to vibrant hues or timeless neutrals, I've got you covered on your journey to crafting a memorable wedding color scheme.

Here is an example of just using tabletop decor to give you an idea of how you can create your own mood board inspiration for tableware.


One foundation of selecting your wedding colors lies in discovering inspiration within the unique ambiance of your selected venue. Whether you've already secured the perfect location or are in the process of deciding, your venue serves as a pivotal source for shaping your color palette.

It's crucial not to overlook the existing colors of your wedding venue, especially if it boasts natural beauty and aesthetics. Neglecting to consider these colors can lead to clashes that detract from the venue's charm and the overall wedding ambiance. Emphasize and enhance the venue's existing accents that align with your vision, rather than concealing them. This approach ensures that your wedding blends seamlessly with the venue's aesthetics.


When selecting your wedding color palette, consider the rentals available at your venue. These rentals provide opportunities for creativity and play a crucial role in bringing your full wedding vision to life. Many venues offer standard rental packages, while some may not include rentals at all. In such cases, working with a professional rental company is key. They can offer a wide range of items and decor elements to elevate your celebration. Upgrading table decor, linens, and chairs can transform your venue, infusing your chosen colors and style for a cohesive and personalized atmosphere. Your budget and customization preferences will guide your decisions in this regard.


Make this part fun and explore your possibilities! Before finalizing your wedding color palette, it's crucial to conduct thorough research.

Engage in a wide range of research avenues, including wedding magazines, blogs, art books, and real weddings, to gather ideas for your wedding color inspiration. Discover color combinations that resonate with you, and be prepared to make adjustments to align them with your unique style. While it's essential to stay true to your personal style, exploring outside influences, such as fashion and interior design, can offer a fresh perspective on colors you already love. Pinterest is always a great place to start.

Keep in mind that some of your favorite hues may not always be readily available. Check the availability of your chosen colors in various aspects of your wedding, from flowers to linens, tabletop, chair, and stationery card stock to name a few. Additionally, inspect real weddings for appealing color combinations, evaluating them based on cohesion, photograph compatibility, accessibility, and alignment with your personal style.


When crafting your wedding color palette, consider principles of color harmony. One helpful tool is the color wheel, which illustrates complementary and analogous color combinations. Colors opposite each other on the wheel often pair well, creating a balance of cool and warm tones. For example, you can choose a primary color and pair it with a complementary shade for a striking combination. Pantone colors can be a useful resource for finding harmonious color pairs.

If you're having trouble selecting a color combination, focus on shades within your favorite color family. Pair different hues of your preferred color with neutral tones for an elegant look. While you don't need an art degree to choose wedding colors, understanding these basic principles can guide you towards creating a visually appealing and harmonious color palette.

Simplify your color palette and steer clear of the chaos that comes with selecting too many colors, as it can make your wedding appear disjointed. Unless you're planning a circus-themed event, less is often more. To avoid this, opt for a more serene approach. Incorporate calming pastels and neutrals like cream, ivory, white, nude, gray, and beige. You could strike a balance with three vibrant yet serene colors. Complement them with pastels, neutrals, or metallics for a harmonious wedding color palette. When picking colors, aim for balance, selecting a primary color, a complementary shade, and an accent hue to create a harmonious and elegant color scheme.


Selecting your wedding color scheme should be an enjoyable process, not a source of stress. Release any concerns about achieving absolute perfection in color coordination and instead focus on savoring your special day with your partner and cherished guests.

While it's easy to feel the pressure to adhere to a rigid color scheme, remember that your wedding palette doesn't have to dictate every detail. Think of it as a guiding principle rather than an unbreakable rule. Your wedding colors will influence various decisions, such as floral arrangements and decor, but you can infuse creativity and sophistication by embracing a tonal color palette instead of obsessing over an exact match for every element. Keep in mind that weddings with subtle variations often exude an elegant charm, so there's no need to stress about perfect color coordination.


While there are trendy colors every year, you shouldn't feel obligated to choose them if they don't resonate with you. Trends may come and go, but your style is timeless. Instead, opt for colors that define you, ones you'll always love, regardless of the season.

Let your personality illuminate your color palette. When you are selecting your wedding color palette, it's an opportunity to infuse your personality into every detail. Think about what you want your guests to feel when they enter your wedding space and sit at your beautifully adorned tables. Your color choices should reflect not only your style but also your unique personality as a couple.

Consider what 'vibe' you want your wedding to exude - whether it's exciting, romantic, glamorous, fun, boho, tropical, all natural, classic, or chic. Your chosen colors should serve as a canvas to tell your story, symbolizing who you are as a couple. By letting your personality shine through your color palette, you create a wedding that truly reflects your essence.


When selecting your wedding colors, it's essential to consider how they harmonize with your skin tone. Let's categorize them based on different skin tones:

For Light Skin Tones: If you have light skin, ivory is a shade that beautifully complements your complexion. Opt for textiles like lace and crepe in this color. To enhance your palette, incorporate soft pastels such as Champagne, pale pink, and taupe. You can add a vibrant accent color to inject some lively contrast.

For Medium Skin Tones: Those with pink and gold undertones will shine in champagne and blush hues. Choose fabrics like lace, tulle, chiffon, and organza in these shades. Complement them with taupe, soft greenish tones, natural greenery, and touches of gold for an irresistibly romantic ambiance.

For Dark Skin Tones: Dark and olive skin tones can radiate in diamond white. Select satin and crepe for this color while keeping accents minimal. To complete your palette, introduce bright coral, sorbet shades, blush pink, and buttercream yellow. Together, they create an effortlessly chic and striking look.


Avoid the pitfall of selecting only bright colors that can overwhelm the eye. While your favorite colors may be vibrant, consider balance as the key. Pair a bright hue with a muted counterpart, or opt for tones that lie in-between. For instance, choose cranberry over red, coral instead of bright orange, or plum in place of amethyst. This approach ensures that even bold color combinations exude a timeless, sophisticated, and chic feel.


When selecting your color palette, it's essential to consider the lighting you'll be using for your wedding. Collaborating with a lighting designer to align the chosen colors with your wedding's ambiance is a smart move. For example, opting for amber lighting is a versatile choice that complements most color schemes, casting a soft, romantic glow akin to candlelight. If you have a dedicated lighting designer, you can transition from a gentle amber hue during dinner to a more festive lighting scheme for dancing, setting the stage for a lively and celebratory atmosphere.


It’s important to involve your partner in the decision-making process for your wedding day if they want to be involved, especially when selecting color preferences. Filling your wedding day decor with colors that resonate with both of you as a couple is of utmost importance. This ensures that the choices made truly reflect your shared vision and create a meaningful atmosphere for your special day.


If you find yourself in need of assistance, worry not. Whenever you encounter challenges, remember that you can always turn to a professional designer to guide you in selecting your ideal wedding color palette. Additionally, it's essential to collaborate with a professional lighting designer once you've settled on your color scheme. This collaborative effort ensures that all the visual elements of your wedding seamlessly come together to reflect the design of your dream wedding day.

As you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect wedding color palette, remember that it's not just a decision but an opportunity for creativity and personal expression. This guide has equipped you with valuable tips and insights to make this important choice with confidence. Stay tuned as I will curate a selection of tabletop rentals in one of my upcoming posts offering inspiration for your wedding or special event decor. I hope with the tools from this post, you're well-prepared to craft a stunning and uniquely personal ambiance for your big day or next celebration. Here's to a colorful and unforgettable experience!

Cheers to finding you your perfect wedding color palette,



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